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Atlanta Wedding / Bridal Tailor & Alterations Atlanta Wedding / Bridal Tailor & Alterations
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Atlanta Wedding / Bridal Alterations

Over the last 25 years, I have worked for hundreds of brides and bridal courts and made lots of contacts within the Atlanta bridal industry!

I help brides and their courts every step of the way with shopping advice and garment planning, fittings, alterations, and as needed, on-site dressing support and emergency alterations so that there are no concerns of wardrobe malfunctions at the wedding!

Atlanta Wedding / Bridal Tailor & Alterations

Pricing for Wedding & Bridal Gown Alterations

Hemming: The hemming of your dress will run 35.00-150.00. The price is determined by the construction, sweep circumference and amount of layers to be hemmed.

Bustle: Bustles run 25.00 to 75.00

Taking in bodice: Taking in the bodice of your dress will run 25.00-85.00 per set of seams. This price is determined by the construction, such as beading, number of layers being altered and if boning needs to be reset. Darts start at 15.00. Shortening shoulders/straps start at 15.00.

Taking in the skirt: Taking in the skirt part of the dress runs 45.00 and up. This price is determined by the construction, such as beading and number of layers needing to be altered.

Prices ranges usually run less than 150.00 for bridesmaid / prom dresses. Wedding Gowns 150.00 - 400.00. Beaded and lace gowns are the most expensive to alter because of all the hand work.

Due to the complexity of most bridal gowns and the volume of business I produce, I request that you contact me at least 30 days before the wedding (or date of wedding photography), although more advance notice is appreciated!

Single or Group Wedding Party & Bridal Fittings

Wedding and bridal fittings can be conducted individually at my Powder Springs Alterations Shop, or I can meet everyone at a specified location and time for a group rate fitting. For more information and pricing on group fittings for the bridal court or all wedding participants, please give me a call at 770-943-0251.

On-Site Dressing Support & Last Minute Alterations

The big day can be a very stressful day and the last thing you need to worry about is wrinkled garments and wardrobe malfunctions! Brides love my wedding day support services as I am there with them making sure all garments are steamed and worn correctly. In the event that their are any wardrobe malfunctions, I have my travel sewing kits to nip it in the bud. I can also quickly bustle any gowns in the transition from ceremony to reception.

My wedding day tailoring support starts at $200 and provides up to four hours worth of support, with additional time billed at $25 per hour.

Getting Ready for Wedding Fittings

Bring shoes. If you don't have the shoes that go with the dress, at least bring a shoe that has the heel that you desire. The heel that we measure your hem with will be the heel height you will need to shop for. Changing the height later can make the hem length wrong.

Bring your foundation. Think about how your dress is made and what under garments will go with that dress. Most formals are now strapless. For a strapless dress you will need a long line/ low line bra. A regular strapless with show above the back of the dress so the bra you pick need to fasten low on your back. For a halter top, you will want a convertible bra that has straps that can be configured to accommodate a halter top dress. Some women like corsets for extra support. Try Fredericks of Hollywood for corsets. Spanks are great too. Some people love them; some people hate them.

Now, when you go shopping for these items be aware that the sales people want to sell you anything. Don't go and buy out the store. Before buying ask, "What is your return policy?"

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